FAMILY FIRST - Let us Help You

Since 2004 Lloyds Auctions have & will always operate as one big family. As a valued supporter of Lloyds, we consider you a part of the family as well. We at Lloyds are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety & peace of mind of our team, our customers and our community (OUR FAMILY).

So as any family member would in these unprecedented times, I am reaching out to you to ask, is there anything we can do to help?

You can call me 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the family line 1800 456 588, Email me at or click our live chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of our website to talk to us directly. These are manned by myself and my Lloyds family team members, please feel free to reach out.

Some real examples of how we can help are:

  • Can we try to organise some food or supplies (including free sanitiser) to be dropped off to you?
  • Can we help with financial support?
  • Can our management team clarify any health questions, social distancing issues or recent information releases from the government with you?
  • If you are a business, can we help with some free transport or storage?
  • Do you have excess staff that we or any of our extended family could hire or keep busy?
  • Can we help you quickly free up cash?

We don’t mind what your question is, what time you ask it or how big or small – you are a part of our family, which means.. you are family.

Over 30 days ago, our management team commenced putting a plan together to protect our people in case the virus affected Australians.

We called this plan – FAMILY FIRST.

We can’t do the amazing things that we do on a daily basis without the amazing PEOPLE that support us.

Financially, we are debt free and fully up to date on all of our bills (as the Prime Minister asked us to strive towards), this puts us in the best position to make decisions about PEOPLE & FAMILIES before profits.

As the situation is changing daily, our FAMILY FIRST strategy team meet daily and all of our decisions are focused on the wellbeing of our people, our customers and our community (OUR FAMILY). Therefore, in response to the spread of the virus Lloyds have implemented all of the necessary cleaning and hygiene practices early including having Wellbeing Warriors at each of our sites across Australia. We are happy to share what we have done with other businesses if you think it may assist you.

In summary, in times of crisis we turn to our family for help and guidance because we know and we trust they will have our health and wellbeing at heart… You have all supported us through buying, selling and bidding across our long history… It’s time for us to support you.

It’s time for us to pull together as one big family and together we will get through this safely.

Lee Hames

Yours Sincerely, 

Lee Hames
Chief Operations Officer